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Outtake from Military Figure photo shoot.

Outtake from Military Figure (story by David Shields) photo shoot.

Aggregate cost of objects, sold so far: $82.39

Aggregate sales, post-Significance: $1,968.69.

Coming up this week: Object Nos. 68 through 72 (of 100), with Significance added by Stephanie Reents, William Gibson, and others. Posting soon: Ben Katchor.

Still on auction: Objects with Significance added by Matthew Klam, Cintra Wilson, J. Robert Lennon, and others, in our eBay shop.

Recent reactions from elsewhere: Shout-out from The Awl. Nice writeup on Tr├ĘsSugar, here. Baltimore Brew asks What Would You Pay For Laura Lippman’s Motel Room Key? Also: Thanks for having me on your show to talk about the project, Too Beautiful To Live. For more reactions see our Press Page, or check the reviews/reactions links at right.

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