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In a recent Design Observer post, Rick Poynor visits Istanbul’s Museum of Innocence, founded in April of this year by Turkish novelist Orhan Pamuk, and flatteringly describes it as “a fabulously extended example of Rob Walker and Joshua Glenn’s ‘Significant Object’ genre of writing — in this case, a vast system of objects constitutes a fully realized fictional world, where every item, wherever it happened to come from, acquires a new backstory.” Thanks, Rick!

We’re also grateful to Bruce Sterling for spreading this meme (Significant Objects as a literary genre) via his Wired blog, Beyond the Beyond.


"Significant Objects combines one of the oldest of all media — the near-improvised short story — with the reinvigorated writer-reader relationship afforded by Web 2.0." — The Independent's Couch Surfer. Follow us on Twitter; join us on Facebook.

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  1. Enjoying the site and your work immensely. I’m the chief curator of a cabinet of curiosities located in Nova Scotia. Please take a look when the dust settles and you have a moment…

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