What are the Labors of Worthiness in Colson Whitehead’s story?

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If you’ve read the Significance that Colson Whitehead added to his wooden-mallet Object, you must have wondered: What are the Labors of Worthiness?

Turns out that he is revealing them, in his Twitter stream. Check it out: @colsonwhitehead.com.

The Second Labor of Worthiness.

The Sixth Labor of Worthiness.

The tricky Mr. Whitehead did not tell us this would happen, so we are working out how to address more fully, but his story turns out to be dynamic and ongoing and … well, I don’t know, more awesome than we could have hoped?

Follow him for more. (Although of course we will RT.)


Rob Walker is the author of Buying In: The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy and Who We Are, and writes the Consumed column for The New York Times Magazine.

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