Ocean Scene Globe

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Object No. TK of 100

Object No. 69 of 100

[The auction for this Significant Object, with story by Stephanie Reents, has ended. Original price: 50 cents. Final price: $33.00. ]


The transparency of glass is cruel.


When the beige palm of the sky descends, there is no warning, no chicken calling, “The sky is falling.  The sky is falling.”


A sphere has no beginning or end, and thus my story does not start, “Once upon a time, long, long ago – ”  But rather, “Yesterday, today, and tomorrow,”  or “Today, tomorrow, and yesterday.”  I was and am and will be.


Desire: I am always swimming towards her, and she is always swimming away.  I know we are soul mates because we always travel at exactly the same speed.


Snow globe is a misnomer.  This is a glitter globe.  All that glitters is not gold.  All that swim are not fish.  All that smiles…


Yesterday, today, and tomorrow I call to her, and my own voice answers.  The water at the top of the sky kisses the glass, a maddening imitation of the real thing.


“Wait for me, my love.”

“Wait for me, my love.”

“I am coming.”

“I am coming.”

“This is futile.

“This is futile.”


I am sadder than a goldfish in a tank, a lion in a cement cell, a lightening bug in an old peanut butter jar.


Then: the world around us changes.  The beige sky falls, and it begins to glitter, a flurry of horizontal, vertical, and diagonal light, and when the sky ascends and the glitter slows, I see we are a bubble on a broad, brown plain.  Something thicker than paper whirs and sings.  Light falls through other glass, warming my waters.  A little warmer, I think, and I will finally swim freely, finally meet my love.  A creature with two skies sits and tries to speak to us in staccato clicks and clacks, but soon grows frustrated and leaves.  “Don’t go,” I cry, “I have so many questions.”  I wait for an answer, even the echo of myself, even the stirring sound of kisses —


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Stephanie Reents' short stories have appeared in Epoch, StoryQuarterly, Gulf Coast, Pleiades, The New Orleans Review, and O. Henry Prize Stories 2006 among other places.

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  1. Wow, that was a delightful 5 minutes. It happens to be my birthday, so I thank you, Stephanie, for the gift! I’ll go bid now…

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