Significant owner meets Significant author

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We always love it when our buyers send us pictures of their Significant Objects in their new homes, or add such pictures to our Owners’ Flickr Pool. Here’s a recent, and distinctly awesome, example:

Object No. 61 from the S.O. v1.

Jeannie and Trifin Roule have acquired several Significant Objects since this project began, including this, the Hand-Held Bubble Blower + Story by Myla Goldberg, from Volume 1 of the project. In this case the author, at a recent reading, signed both the object and the story. And not only that:

Maker of Significance; good sport; true-aimer.

The Significant Objects team greatly appreciates Jeannie and Trifin Roule, as we appreciate all our bidders and buyers. But needless to say, seeing an Object in the able hand of the author wrote about it is a special thrill. Thank you!


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