Significant Ads: Cracker Barrel Ornament

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I mentioned earlier that students in Art Novak’s advertising class at the Savannah College of Art Design, carrying out an assignment to create ads for Significant Objects, were given four to choose from. Among the choices was the Cracker Barrel Ornament + Story by Maud Newton. Only one student opted for this, but Kathryn Clendinin’s creation, designed as a pair of online Flash-driven ads, was a favorite.

Picking up on the story’s invented-historical tone, she extended it with a “breaking news” look and feel, amusingly placing the ornament in an archeological-discovery visual context, and running news-crawl underneath:

[swfobj src=”” align=”center” allowfullscreen=”false”]

A second ad slips the ornament into the art of our ancestors, like an Illuminati clue:

[swfobj src=”” align=”center” allowfullscreen=”false”]

Very fun stuff, in my view — quite in line with the tone of Maud Newton’s absurdly delightful story.

More Significant advertising from Art Novak’s students tomorrow. . . .


Rob Walker is the author of Buying In: The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy and Who We Are, and writes the Consumed column for The New York Times Magazine.

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