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We’ll start publishing Significant Objects v3 stories on Monday, and we’re excited about the strong lineup of writers and the Significance they’ve invented. Usually we don’t announce in advance which writer will be published on which day, but there’s a reason to make one exception for next week.

On Friday we’ll publish a story by Jim Hanas. And in an interesting twist, it will be the culmination of Hanas’s own five-story cycle, kicking off tomorrow, as he explains here:

Since I’ve been experimenting with serials, I decided to do a series. My object and story will go up on eBay [on Friday February 25], but it will be the fifth installment in a series called “Why They Cried,” which will start on Monday. (Don’t worry, the series isn’t as maudlin as it sounds, although—okay—it is somewhat maudlin in patches.) The first four “episodes”—the series is a collection of short vignettes unified by the common theme—will appear next Monday through Thursday on both Facebook and Fictionaut.

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We of course love it when S.O. writers get adventurous like this. We’ve dreamed up plenty of surprises of our own for v3, as you’ll see in the weeks ahead. But this one is a a bonus.

Tune in tomorrow….


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