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Object No. 40 of 50 — Significant Objects v2

[The auction for this item, with story by Debbie Millman, has ended. Original price: $1.49. Final price: $197.50. Significant Objects will donate the proceeds of this auction to 826 National.]


Debbie Millman is author of the book, Look Both Ways: Illustrated Essays on the Intersection of Life and Design.

12 thoughts on “Globe Paperweight

  1. Debbie,
    What makes this so special is the universal vulnerability of your words that we have all felt–in love and in life. Thank you for sharing this token of your past and for showing us all that the beauty of success (like yours!) comes from the struggles we overcome. ♥

  2. I love that you wrote it to “Susan” and that you signed it “me”!!!! I will pretend that I have the snow globe and keep it safe forever.

  3. Susan B — if you’re willing to bid over $96, you might not have to pretend that you own the snow globe! Auction will last another 2 days, 22 hours as of this writing.

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  6. I guess that’s why all of us enjoy a visit to an antique store or a garage sale. Every object is not just another factory made machine spun bauble,its changed. It was a part of someones life that seems to tell their stories,their hopes ,their dreams…all of it. And its as if that person had sent it out as a paper boat on the river that is the world so that one day you could hold their world in your hand.

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