v3 home stretch highlights: Core77, The Believer, other partners and special events galore!

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So, time for an update on where we stand on Significant Objects v3 — and a preview of what’s still to come. Yesterday we closed the 25th auction (Tiny Jar of Mayonnaise + Rick Moody Story, part of our Electric Literature team-up), and with that we’ve raised $773.43 for Girls Write Now. That’s not bad, but we can do better. Let’s do better! Here’s some of what we’ve got up our metaphorical sleeve:

  • Starting Monday, we’ll be publishing a week of stories about a special set of objects curated for us by an actual curator: Paola Antonelli of the Museum of Modern Art! More on that Monday.
  • But we’re pleased to announce right now that this series of five Significant Objects will be co-published on the mighty Core77.com — the online design magazine and resource that’s been informing, entertaining, and challenging a worldwide audience of design professionals, students, and enthusiasts since 1995. We’re big fans of Core77, and could not be more thrilled to team up with them.
  • Also coming up: Another special team-up: Significant Objects X The Believer. More on that as the dates approach.
  • This is cool: One of our Significant Objects will soon be part of a real-life gallery show, on the theme of flea markets, in Los Angeles. Details on that soon (yes, yes, doing a lot of teasing here, but we want you to keep coming back!). This will be the first instance of an S.O. making the journey from the thrift-store doodad into an officially sanctioned forum of art.
  • April 28 through April 30: We have a special thrilling conclusion to v3, involving writers, Maaza Mengiste, Wesley Stace, and Ben Greenman. Details are (of course) a secret, but it’s something we’ve wanted to do for a while. Stay tuned.
  • Don’t forget: On Friday we published a story generated by our Fictionaut group. It’s by Sari Cunningham, and we’re really pleased with it. We hope it does as much to raise money for Girls Write Now as our first Fictionaut story (by Nicholas Rombes) did for 826 National!
  • Oh and one more thing:We have another very interesting collaboration that we’ll be able to tell you details about in just a few days. It will help us raise even more money for Girls Write Now, and it involves a certain artist, and a certain online gallery, that we’re flattered to team up with.


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