Significant Tweets for Week Ending 2010-06-13

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  • Transport III with Underwater New York, June 12: artwork inspired by the city’s underwater landscape, more. #
  • This is not quite as exciting as a book announcement, but we're No. 29 on Trendhunter's list of 33 Awesome Auctions. #
  • Studying neuroses of fictional characters: #
  • Our friends @ElectricLit are the first lit mag to launch for the iPad #
  • "Set designers of four dysfunctional dramas describe what it took — and cost — to clutter things up." #
  • Bruce Sterling points out Web store "that allows people to attach a personal history to an object before selling it" #

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One thought on “Significant Tweets for Week Ending 2010-06-13

  1. I had taken an absent-minded break from Significant Objects, but today installed the Electric Lit app with selected stories. Re-reading them, I am floored by how good they are, and filled with bittersweet regret about object/stories that could have been had. Shardtown is as alive in my imagination as an entire childhood, or a dream while it is happening. Amazing. Such good stuff. If the purchaser of Hop-a-Long sees this post… Let me know if you ever need to make space for an object of greater Significance.

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