On Connecticut Public Radio’s “Where We Live”

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A quick note: I just did a short interview about S.O. (and objects and value and story) on Where We Live, with John Dankonsky, on Connecticut Public Radio. I chimed in for about the last 15 minutes, in what I believe was an hour-long segment with Paul Bloom, author of How Pleasure Works: The New Science of Why We Like What We Like. It was very pleasant and informative, and it has been archived here if you’re curious.

If any listeners to that broadcast have found their way here: We’ve been on a bit of a summer hiatus but will be publishing new stories (and auctions) in the fall, and look out for our book in 2011. Sign up for email updates here.


Rob Walker is the author of Buying In: The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy and Who We Are, and writes the Consumed column for The New York Times Magazine.

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