Significant Objects Meme (4)

Obsessive Consumption: What Did you Buy Today? (Princeton Architectural Press, 2010), by Kate Bingaman-Burt, represents a selection of three years’ worth of the author’s annotated drawings of her purchases — including wedding bands, beer, a dog, and, of course, drawing … Continue reading

Significant fake branding

Here’s yet another twist on adding an invented narrative to a seemingly low-value thingamabob: Designer Matt Brown bought a pack of 15 plastic horses for a couple of bucks. Then he dreamed up a name for each one, then packaging, … Continue reading

Significant Objects — the meme

There’s no doubt about it. A significant-objects meme has emerged in US culture, recently. I’m not just talking about Orhan Pamuk’s museum. Over at Fast Company, William Bostwick writes: “Maybe it’s the recession (it’s always the recession), but we seem … Continue reading