Mini project update: A participating writer’s perspective

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necking-button-550Susannah Breslin, who wrote the story that made the Necking Team Button into a Significant Object, offers the point of view of a writer participating in this project in a great post, “The Story Behind The Story.” Defnitely worth a read. Here’s a taste:

What was different about this writing process was that I was keenly aware that while I was writing it, if I made it “good,” perhaps it would be “worth more,” ie it would get more money at auction. While as a freelance journalist and fiction writer, I write for money all the time, this was different. Maybe it is a bit hard to describe? It brought my competitive nature to the fore.

That’s yanked out of context of course, so please read the whole thing. It is — yes — worth it.


Rob Walker is the author of Buying In: The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy and Who We Are, and writes the Consumed column for The New York Times Magazine.

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