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Aggregate cost of objects, sold so far: $55.50.
Aggregate sales, post-Significance: $1,176.54.

Coming up this week: Objects with Significance added by Rosecrans Baldwin, Matthew Klam, and others. Posting later today: Sung J. Woo.

Still on auction: Time is running out on 4-Tile with Story by Toni Schlesinger. The bargains of the moment are Grain Thing with Story Joanne McNeil, and Device with Story Tom Bartlett. More in our eBay shop.

Recent reactions from elsewhere: Brave New World ponders S.O. and considers bringing objects into the classroom to inspire narrative creativity. Antler Magazine has a nice writeup. Charming assessment from Charm-O-MaticNail Your Novel has a cool post about S.O. as inspiration. Shout-out from MothTomorrow Museum calls us the best new blog of 2009 — but then again proprietress Joanne McNeil is one of our contributors. Still. And finally: Remember Cape Cod Shoe + Sheila Heti story? Well it now has its own blog. Or something.  If we missed your take, let us know in the comments. For more reactions see our Press Page, or check the reviews/reactions links at right.

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Rob Walker is the author of Buying In: The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy and Who We Are, and writes the Consumed column for The New York Times Magazine.

One thought on “Weekly Project Update

  1. …what is it with the niggling critics, saying the Significant Objects Project is structured imperfectly, or should be this, or should be that, or something other than what it is…a celebrity auction that reflects the popularity of the writer, the state of the economy, utility and visual appeal of the object, the quality of the story, the visibility of the auction, the compulsive shopping disorders of the buyers and the creativity of the authors friends in manufacturing competing bids ;

    …but then, what do i know…i’m just a fucking shoe…or something…everybody’s a critic ; )

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