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Rope/wood Monkey Figurine (Story by Kevin Brockmeier) in new hometown.

Rope/wood Monkey Figurine (Story by Kevin Brockmeier) in new hometown.

Aggregate cost of objects, sold so far: $78.82 $72.82
Aggregate sales, post-Significance: $1,781.70

Coming up this week: Objects with Significance added by Jen Collins, David Shields, and more. Posting soon: Tim Carvell.

Still on auction: Objects with Significance added by Annalee Newitz, Dean Haspiel, Thomas McNeely, and Aimee Bender, in our eBay shop.

Recent reactions from elsewhere: The Chicago Tribune has a thoughtful writeup here. The Boston Phoenix checks in here. Not sure what this is but it looks like somebody ran Mom Hooks through translation software, then re-translated back to English, and posted it (on a kind of spammy-fake looking blog.) Weirdly interesting to read, however it came to be. (And a good reminder: “The purport of this conflicting has been invented during the author.”) If we missed your take, let us know in the comments. For more reactions see our Press Page, or check the reviews/reactions links at right.

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