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On Friday, I posted an Adjusted Final Price table, which allows us to compare our 100 objects’ final prices with their final prices adjusted for Duration Factor. It took a bit of doing, but — after the jump — please find a table which permits comparison between adjusted and nonadjusted sales ranks.

Click here to view a single table containing all our experimental data, and links to every post in which analysis of this data has been offered.

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Mushroom Shaker


1. TABLE: Original and Final Price (plus Author & Sales Rank)
2. TABLE: Final Price, Week by Week (plus Author & Sales Rank, minus Original Price)
3. TABLE: Final and Adjusted Price, Week by Week (minus Author & Original Price)
4. CHART: Average Price, Week by Week (including Average vs. Median, and Average vs. Weekly High)
5. TABLE: Adjusted Sales Rank (minus Author & Original Price)

As I noted in the comments section to Friday’s post, it’s striking how similar the Top Ten remains after adjustment. The top three objects remain the same, and in the same order as before. “Hawk” Ashtray and Pink Horse swap places at #4 and #5. Metal Boot and 4-Tile swap places at #6 and #7. Cape Cod Shoe stays at #8. This suggests that our Top Eight objects truly deserve to be rated Most Significant, regardless of the Duration Factor.

More analysis below the table…

ObjectFinal PriceSales RankAdjusted PriceAdjusted Rank
Week 08Russian Figure$193.501$204.501
Week 15Indian Maiden$157.502$161.502
Week 17Wooden Animal$108.503$110.503
Week 18Pink Horse$104.504$105.505
Week 13"Hawk" Ashtray$101.005$107.004
Week 084-Tile$88.006$99.007
Week 04Metal Boot$86.007$101.006
Week 04Cape Cod Shoe$77.518$92.518
Week 15Fish Spoons$76.009$80.0011
Week 16Fake Banana$76.009$79.0012
Week 19Missouri Shotglass$76.009$76.0013
Week 03Duck Tray$71.0012$87.009
Week 08Mallet$71.0012$82.0010
Week 05Cow Vase$62.0014$76.0013
Week 18Felt Mouse$62.0014$63.0020
Week 09Sand Animal$57.6616$67.6617
Week 06Rhino Figurine$57.0017$70.0016
Week 05Kneeling Man Figurine$56.5018$70.5015
Week 19Geisha Bobblehead$56.0019$56.0023
Week 17BBQ Sauce Jar$54.0020$56.0023
Week 09Bird Figurine$52.0021$62.0021
Week 18Rooster Oven Mitt$51.9922$52.9928
Week 05Meat Thermometer$51.0023$65.0018
Week 05Idol$51.0023$65.0018
Week 09Ziggy Heart$50.0025$60.0022
Week 18Jar of Marbles$50.0025$51.0030
Week 12Motel Room Key$45.0127$52.0129
Week 13Statute Dish$42.0028$48.0033
Week 05Ireland Cow Plate$41.0029$55.0025
Week 06Rope/Wood Monkey Figurine$41.0029$54.0027
Week 18Amoco Yo-Yo$41.0029$42.0041
Week 14Mr. Pickwick Coat Hook$38.0032$43.0039
Week 07Marines (Upside-Down) Logo Mug$37.0033$49.0032
Week 16Alien Toy$37.0033$40.0046
Week 01Necking Team Button$36.8835$54.8826
Week 10Seahorse Lighter$36.0036$45.0035
Week 11Hand-Held Bubble Blower$36.0036$44.0036
Week 11Round Box$35.0038$43.0039
Week 12Cigarette Case$33.7739$40.7744
Week 13Ocean Scene Globe$33.0040$39.0047
Week 01Smiley Mug$32.0841$50.0831
Week 02Halston Mug$31.0042$48.0033
Week 09Penguin Creamer$31.0042$41.0042
Week 15Windsurfing Trophy/Statue$31.0042$35.0054
Week 13Crumb Sweeper$30.9945$36.9949
Week 19Blue Vase$30.0046$30.0067
Week 19Lighter Shaped Like Small Pool Ball$27.0047$27.0075
Week 01JFK Bust$26.0048$44.0036
Week 01Creamer Cow$26.0048$44.0036
Week 06Unicorn$26.0048$39.0047
Week 09Praying Hands$26.0048$36.0050
Week 16Dilbert Stress Toy$26.0048$29.0071
Week 17Cracker Barrel Ornament$24.5053$26.5076
Week 07Elvis Chocolate Tin$24.0054$36.0050
Week 01Miniature Bottle$23.0055$41.0042
Week 01Chili Cat Figurine$22.7256$40.7245
Week 17Flip-Flop Frame$21.8057$23.8084
Week 11Military Figure$21.5058$29.5068
Week 12Choirboy Figurine$21.5058$28.5072
Week 14Sea Captain Pipe Rest$21.5058$26.5076
Week 19Umbrella Trinket$21.5058$21.5091
Week 06PBR Opener$20.5162$33.5155
Week 08Grain Thing$20.5063$31.5062
Week 11Uncola Glass$20.5063$28.5072
Week 13Ornamental Sphere$20.5063$26.5076
Week 14Wave Box$20.5063$25.5082
Week 03Tin Ark$19.5067$35.5053
Week 15Thai Hooks$19.5067$23.5085
Week 04Foppish Figurine$17.8269$32.8258
Week 01Sanka Ashtray$17.7970$35.7952
Week 03Spotted Dogs Figurine$17.5071$33.5056
Week 10Cat Mug$17.0072$26.0081
Week 04Dome Doll$16.4973$31.4964
Week 17Swiss Medal$16.0074$18.0094
Week 12Duck Vase$15.7575$22.7587
Week 02Kitty Saucer$15.5376$32.5359
Week 01Santa Nutcracker$15.5077$33.5056
Week 02Piggy Bank$15.5077$32.5060
Week 04Popsicle-Stick Construction$15.5077$30.5065
Week 07Star of David Plate$15.5077$27.5074
Week 08Device$15.5077$26.5076
Week 14Toothbrush Holder$15.5077$20.5092
Week 12Basketball Trophy$14.9083$21.9089
Week 01Mule Figurine$14.5084$32.5060
Week 02Nutcracker with Troll Hair (or something)$14.5084$31.5062
Week 03Golf Ball Bank$14.5084$30.5065
Week 14Clown Figurine$11.6187$16.6196
Week 01Candyland Labyrinth Game$11.5088$29.5068
Week 01Pen Stand$11.5088$29.5068
Week 03"Hakuna Matata" Figurine$10.5090$26.5076
Week 06Small Stapler$10.5090$23.5085
Week 19Bar Mitzvah Bookends$10.5090$10.50100
Week 10Coconut Cup$10.0093$19.0093
Week 10Kentucky Dish$6.7594$15.7597
Week 01Toy Toaster$6.2595$24.2583
Week 02Fred Flintstone Pez Dispenser$5.5096$22.5088
Week 07#1 Mom Hooks$5.5096$17.5095
Week 11Hawaiian Utensils$4.2498$12.2499
Week 01Toy Hot Dog$3.5899$21.5890
Week 07Porcelain Scooter$2.38100$14.3898

What else do we learn from this exercise? Duck Tray and Mallet, both from Week 12 are our adjusted list’s #9 and #10 objects, edging out Fish Spoons, Fake Banana, and Missouri Shotglass (from Weeks 15, 16, and 19). Most of the Top 20 items from our unadjusted list — the only exceptions being Geisha Bobblehead and BBQ Sauce Jar — remain in the adjusted Top 20. Also, none of the Top 20 list’s newcomers were previously ranked below 23. So even though the Duration Factor may exist, it doesn’t affect our top sales rankings too noticeably. Why?

Adjusting for Duration Factor does have a dramatic effect on objects that sold for a relatively high amount early in the project, or a relatively low amount later in the project. Biggest jumps: the Mule Figurine jumps 24 places, from #84 to #60. The Nutcracker with Troll Hair jumps 22 places, followed by Santa Nutcracker (+21), Candyland Labyrinth Game and Pen Stand (+20), Golf Ball Bank (+19), Sanka Ashtray (+18), Kitty Saucer and Piggy Bank (+17), and Spotted Dogs (+15).

Biggest drops: The Umbrella Trinket drops 33 places, from #58 to # 91. Ouch! The Lighter Shaped Like a Small Pool Ball drops 28 places, followed by Flip Flop Frame (-27), Dilbert Stress Toy and Cracker Barrel Ornament (-23), Blue Vase (-21), Swiss Medal (-20), Wave Box (-19), Sea Captain Pipe Rest (-18), and Toothbrush Holder (-15).

Your thoughts, readers? What does it all mean?

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Joshua Glenn is an editor, publisher, and a freelance writer and semiologist. He does business as KING MIXER, LLC. He's cofounder of the websites HiLobrow, Significant Objects, and Semionaut; and cofounder of HiLoBooks, which will reissue six Radium Age sci fi novels in 2012. In 2011, he produced and co-designed the iPhone app KER-PUNCH. He's coauthored and co-edited Taking Things Seriously, The Idler's Glossary, The Wage Slave's Glossary, the story collection Significant Objects (forthcoming from Fantagraphics), and Unbored, a kids' field guide to life forthcoming from Bloomsbury. In the '00s, Glenn was an associate editor and columnist at the Boston Globe's IDEAS section; he also started the IDEAS blog Brainiac. He has written for Slate, n+1, Cabinet, io9, The Baffler, Feed, and The Idler. In the '90s, Glenn published the seminal intellectual zine Hermenaut; served as editorial director and co-producer of the pioneering DIY and online social networking website; and was an editor at the magazine Utne Reader. Glenn manages the Hermenautic Circle, a secretive online community. He was born and raised in Boston, where he lives with his wife and sons. Click here for more info.

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  1. No comments about the fact that adjusting for the Duration Factor causes, e.g., the Mule Figurine to jump up 24 places in the ranking, and the Umbrella Trinket to drop 33 places?

    You know what would be a good idea? A visual display of the top 25 and the bottom 25 objects, maybe. Help us figure out if there’s something inherent to the objects that makes them significant or insignificant.

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