Last chance to win an auction before Xmas! (Plus bonus S.O. owner video)

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Significant Ownership

Significant Ownership

Still haven’t figured out what to give that Significant Person on your list? Maybe s/he would enjoy Women & Infants Glass With Story By Jeff Turrentine. That auction ends today, so at least you can offer definitive proof that your giftee will eventually get something Significant, even if they’re not getting it on Dec. 25. Plus the proceeds to got 826 National, so you’ll both feel extra virtuous. Our running total after 12 auctions closed is $467.04, by the way, and winning this one means you’d be the buyer who pushes us past $500, a nice marker. In any case it’s a great story so check it out.

Meanwhile, perhaps because we’re in the slow holiday week, the shop is actually full of bargains right now. Scoop up a Significant Object for you or someone you love (or hate, for that matter) while no one else is looking!

Speaking of December 25 and the slow holiday week, we’re not posting stories today or tomorrow. But we’ll be back with new stories and objects on Monday. And while you wait, I can offer you this excellent short video by Molly Peck, created after she won the auction for the Geisha Bobblehead with Story By Edward Champion. See how awesome it is to own a Significant Object?

And speaking of gifts, a couple of links that have no direct connection to Significant Objects:Here is Dan Ariely on “the psychology of gift-giving,” describing researching contending that spending for others is more satisfying than spending for yourself.

And here (via Studio Number One) is Grant McCracken making fun of an economist’s argument that Xmas gifting is inefficient.


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