Top 25 sales, Vols 1 & 2

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Our data analysis to date has focused largely on Volume 1. But for fun, here’s an integrated top 25: The highest prices from the 150 (!) Significant Objects auctions that have closed to date.

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RankVolumeObjectAuthorMarket priceS.O. Price
1v2Globe PaperweightDebbie Millman$1.49$197.50
2v1Russian figureDoug Dorst$3.00$193.50
3v2KangamouseChris Adrian$0.00$162.50
4v1Indian FigurineR.K. Scher$0.99$157.50
5v2Music BoxNicholas Rombes$0.50$147.50
6v2Rabbit CandleNeil LaBute$3.00$112.50
7v1Wood animalMeg Cabot$0.75$108.50
8v1Pink HorseKate Bernheimer$1.00$104.50
9v2Mystery ObjectBen Greenman$0.99$103.50
10v1HAWK ashtrayWilliam Gibson$2.99$101.00
11v1“4” TileToni Schlesinger$1.00$88.00
12v1Brass BootBruce Sterling$3.00$86.00
13v2Just Married CupBarbara Bogaev$0.75$81.00
14v1Porcelain shoeSheila Heti$4.00$77.51
15v1Fake BananaJosh Kramer$0.25$76.00
16v1Missouri Shot glassJonathan Lethem$1.00$76.00
17v1Measuring spoonsMark Doty$2.99$76.00
18v1MalletColson Whitehead$0.33$71.00
19v1Duck TrayStewart O’Nan$3.00$71.00
20v2Partial MermaidTom McCarthy$0.00$68.00
21v2Aquarium SouvenirMark Jude Poirier$1.00$66.07
22v2Pan FluteDeb Olin Unferth$0.00$63.50
23v1Felt MouseMegan O’Rourke$0.50$62.00
24v1Cow VaseEd Park$2.00$62.00
25v2Letters and Numbers PlateJoe Lyons$2.49$61.00

Note: Don’t forget that, among other possible factors, charity effects may have helped v2 prices; in any case, our number-crunching remains focused mostly on v1, when that potential spending rationale was not yet present.


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