Weekend reading: Stories about an “egg whisk” on Fictionaut

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Not enough stories about objects in your week?

Well then! Check out these entries in the Significant Objects Fictionaut Group, where the following talented writers have all created stories about the above object. Which one do you find to be most Significant? Chime in over on Fictionaut, or let us know here in the comments. We want your feedback! After all, our earlier Fictionaut-made story, by Nicholas Rombes, ultimately fetched nearly $150 — we’d love to see something like that happen again on behalf of Girls Write Now. Help us, readers!

(And either way, it’s pretty amazing to read a half-dozen responses to a single object — yet another affirmation of the story/object possibilities that helped inspire this project in the first place.)

Here are links to the six stories in our group, with the opening sentence of each:

  • The Egg Whisk, by Sari Cunningham.”Two days after his bypass surgery she walked in on the nurse adjusting his catheter and dispensing dietary advice.”
  • Where Is Love? by Lynn Chakoian.”I didn’t always have this metal thing poking out of the top of my head.”
  • Summer Lawn, by Shelagh Power-Chopra. “That summer my mother moved to Maine and my father stayed put in the old house in Savannah.”
  • Culinary, by Meg Pokrass. “He said most food was better when baked evenly.”
  • How I Learned To Cook, by Susan Tepper. ” Ingredients: 1 cup long hair ….”
  • Whiskers, by Paul de Dunas. “He worked on in the early first light, chopping with a crooked axe at the knotted stump of oak that stubbornly grasped the ground.”

And yes, for those of you playing close attention, that is the same Shelagh Power-Chopra who wrote the Painted Lady Figure story for v2! Thanks for asking!

As always, if you want to join Fictionaut, and/or our group there, let us know, we have connections.


Rob Walker is the author of Buying In: The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy and Who We Are, and writes the Consumed column for The New York Times Magazine.

10 thoughts on “Weekend reading: Stories about an “egg whisk” on Fictionaut

  1. I think this may be the only object we’ve offered that is actually pretty much available in retail stores right now. I saw it maybe Bed Bath & Beyond about a month ago. I didn’t know that when I picked it up (for a quarter).

  2. Of the six stories, the one titled “The Egg Whisk” by Sari Cunningham is my favorite. Beautifully tying in food to aptly describe the characters and their relations in life. I particularly like the “permanently scrambled” part, and the tie-in with Japanese culture.

  3. These are all excellent works. I’m going with “Culinary” by Meg Pokrass as my favorite. The mingling of food and food terminology works so well in this story, as does the dialogue and the relationship between the characters.

  4. I like everything about Meg and her stories. But Summer Lawn, by Shelagh Power-Chopra really rang my bell.

  5. I have to agree with Petter Slyngstad.“The Egg Whisk” by Sari Cunningham is my favorite. I loved the author’s use of language. Never thought of eggs as something sensual until I read this story.

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