Our Top 25 Objects

According to our highly scientific Adjusted Sales Rank table, the following objects were the 25 most significant of our experiment. Let’s consider these significant objects visually — i.e., without mentioning which authors wrote which stories, and without reference to the … Continue reading

Six-Word Contest… sorta

I say “sorta” because although there really is a contest, the winning story won’t be posted to eBay. Why not? Because the Scottish Doll was thrown away, and therefore can’t be sold on eBay. Read about the Scottish Doll’s fate … Continue reading

Average price, week by week

In cleverly devising a way of dealing with the Duration Factor, Josh addressed the potential effect on prices of both increased demand (as more people learned about the project) and dwindling supply (as we ran out of objects). It’s assumed … Continue reading

The Data: Adjusted Final Price

Some of you have speculated that the Significant Object experiment’s duration affected sales prices — that is, you’ve speculated that objects auctioned off in the experiment’s first weeks no doubt sold for less, on average, than did objects auctioned off … Continue reading

We’re back!

As announced last week, we’re busily retooling Significant Objects as a charitable fundraising effort. We’ve assigned half a dozen objects to new writers, and we’ve already lined up a couple dozen more contributors, new and returning, too. Later this week, … Continue reading