Top 25 sales list updated: v1, v2, v3

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With three full volumes and a whopping 200 stories published, it’s time once again to revise and update the the  list of the “Top 25” Significant Object auction prices paid to date. Actually, owing to a tie for the 25th spot, the Top 25 All Time is now technically the Top 26.

Since the last time this list was updated, four Significant Objects from v3 have entered this increasingly exclusive territory:

Wooden Bottle + Christine Hill Story arrives on the chart at the number 6 slot; Wooden Apple Core + Heidi Julavits Story comes in at number 11; Metal Flowers + Justin Taylor Story enters a tie for number 15; and, in a tie for the number 25, Rubber Band Gun + Benjamin Percy Story.

It now takes a whopping $63.50 auction price to break onto this chart. Check it out:

RankVolumeObjectAuthorMarket priceS.O. Price
1v2Globe PaperweightDebbie Millman$1.49$197.50
2v1Russian figureDoug Dorst$3.00$193.50
3v2KangamouseChris Adrian$0.00$162.50
4v1Indian FigurineR.K. Scher$0.99$157.50
5v2Music BoxNicholas Rombes$0.50$147.50
6v3Wooden BottleChristine Hill$1.49$126.39
7v2Rabbit CandleNeil LaBute$3.00$112.50
8v1Wood animalMeg Cabot$0.75$108.50
9v1Pink HorseKate Bernheimer$1.00$104.50
10v2Mystery ObjectBen Greenman$0.99$103.50
11v3Wooden Apple CoreHeidi Julavits$1.00$102.50
12v1HAWK ashtrayWilliam Gibson$2.99$101.00
13v1“4” TileToni Schlesinger$1.00$88.00
14v1Brass BootBruce Sterling$3.00$86.00
15v2Just Married CupBarbara Bogaev$0.75$81.00
15 (tie)v3Metal FlowersJustin Taylor$1.49$81.00
17v1Porcelain shoeSheila Heti$4.00$77.51
18v1Fake BananaJosh Kramer$0.25$76.00
18 (tie)v1Missouri Shot glassJonathan Lethem$1.00$76.00
20v1Measuring spoonsMark Doty$2.99$76.00
21v1MalletColson Whitehead$0.33$71.00
21v1Duck TrayStewart O’Nan$3.00$71.00
23v2Partial MermaidTom McCarthy$0.00$68.00
24v2Aquarium SouvenirMark Jude Poirier$1.00$66.07
25v2Pan FluteDeb Olin Unferth$0.00$63.50
25 (tie)v3Rubber Band GunBenjamin Percy$0.50$63.50


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