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Aggregate cost of objects, sold so far:         $15.40
Aggregate sales, post-Significance:           $247.30

Significant shipping.

Significant shipping, in progress.

Coming up this week: Stories of objects by Curtis Sittenfeld, Stewart O’Nan, and (later today) Todd Pruzan, among others.

Still on auction: You’ve got very little time left on James Parker’s excellent Kitty Dish story. The Fred Flintstone Pez Dispenser + Claire Zulkey story remains an indescribable bargain. Adam Davies’ humdinger about a nutcracker with troll hair (or something). More in our eBay shop.

Recent reactions from elsewhere: Good Magazine interview about this “fascinating concept” here. Poets & Writers weighs in here. We Love You So, the blog connected to the forthcoming Spike Jonze Where The Wild Things Are interpretation, weighs in (“a project that teams the art of antiquing with the creativity of some of the web’s best writing talents”)  here. Poketo gives us a shout-out here. Joey Skaggs’ blog The Art of the Prank picked up the S.O. Los Angeles Times interview, here. Ad agency Leo Burnetts blog muses on “real goods, invented value,” here. And Christine Sisson has a thoughtful take, here. That’s just in the last few days of course. (Did we miss your take? Let us know in the comments.) Our official press- clippings page is here.

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Thanks, and enjoy the stories …


Rob Walker is the author of Buying In: The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy and Who We Are, and writes the Consumed column for The New York Times Magazine.

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  1. how can an author be included? Is this by invitation only? application? jury?

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