Dragon Figurine

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Congratulations, gentlemen. And, er, ladies. Welcome to – what’d that guy call it? “The most important club you’ll ever join.” Like he said, this here’s a symbol of our brotherhood, and – what? Okay, “siblinghood,” whatever. And it means an especially lot to me on account of I’m the Dragon Slayer! Heh. Heh heh. Seriously, though, remember: it might look all pretty an’ shiny-like, but it ain’t candy.

Best if you devise some way to remind yourselves of this. Tape a note to it if you have to, or tie a string around your baby finger. Because it can be real easy to forget. Trust me. Y’all are going to be Big Important People someday, too, an’ it’s embarrassing. One minute you’re taking a break from all them Big Important Things they make you do – you’re watching a football game all by yourself, say, and you’re reaching for a snack. Next thing you know you’re on the floor with rug burns on your face, an’ that little Jewish fella is telling the whole world you choked on a dang pretzel so’s not to have to admit you tried to eat the secret-initiation statue you been carrying around for thirty years.

So in conclusion: yeah. Not candy. Maybe you could tie a ribbon round its neck…


Not a real dragon, either, by the way.

Can’t fly for shit.

dragon deet


Erin Ellia blogs at thehouseandi.blogspot.com, and is in the process of crossing every last damn T in a lighthearted memoir. She lives in Weymouth, Mass.

5 thoughts on “Dragon Figurine

  1. Does it fly if you throw it at the head of the original rug-burned-face-pretzel-chokee?

  2. Helen Thomas in the front row says, “It looks like a dang bong to me. Thank You, Mr. President.”

  3. Aw c’mon, can you blame me? Been carryin somthing around for damn near forty years that all they said when they gave it to me was ‘don’t eat it.’ I’m surprised I lasted that long.
    Nice to see you Helen. Is that a roach clip on your brooch?

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