Significant Tweets for 2010-01-31

Nice note from the folks at 826 Michigan, with special shout-out to Nicholas Rombes (@NicholasRombes). # Nice note from cyberscribbles, “It’s good reading, too.” Love hear that. # The Mystery Object sold for $103.50. Significant! Object revealed here: … Continue reading

Significant fake branding

Here’s yet another twist on adding an invented narrative to a seemingly low-value thingamabob: Designer Matt Brown bought a pack of 15 plastic horses for a couple of bucks. Then he dreamed up a name for each one, then packaging, … Continue reading

Short-Short Fiction Contest!

Over at, a critical-culture website that I coedit with Matthew Battles, we’ve just invited our readers to enter a science-fiction short-short story contest. We’d be delighted to have Significant Objects readers enter, as well. Check it out. CONTEST DEADLINE: … Continue reading

Significant Objects — the meme

There’s no doubt about it. A significant-objects meme has emerged in US culture, recently. I’m not just talking about Orhan Pamuk’s museum. Over at Fast Company, William Bostwick writes: “Maybe it’s the recession (it’s always the recession), but we seem … Continue reading

Significant Tweets for 2010-01-24

Selected highlights from Fast Company/William Bostwick: “Our Objects, Ourselves.” # Object that sells itself: # Nice writeup on Apartment Therapy by Tammy Everts– Thanks! # Can creative writing programs be ranked? # “The fingers of … Continue reading


With the close of yesterday’s auction, we’ve now passed $1,000 on the amount raised on behalf of 826 National. (By the way, we’ve added a snazzy “running total” box to the top of the right-hand column, have you noticed?) Big … Continue reading