The home stretch of Volume 2: How much will we (you!) give to 826 National?

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Joshua Glenn (or is it Rob Walker?) practices handing over a large check, with an unidentified woman.

As I type this, we’re just two stories away from the end of Volume 2 of Significant Objects. As you know, this collection of 50 stories and auctions raises money for 826 National. How are we doing?

SO v2 has closed 43 auctions, and our cumulative total is $1,762.54. That means the average price paid is just shy of $41. (Josh would want a bunch more data right here, but never mind that for now.) What I’m wondering is whether we might make it to $2,000. That would be nice!

If each remaining object currently on sale went for $41 we’d make it easily. The magic average price number is $33.93 — we hit $2k if that’s the average price for the last seven objects in v2.

Thanks to our team-up with Underwater New York, we’ve done our best to make the final objects worth more than usual. The UNY folks are shipping their amazing objects with an amazing bonus: the story will be rolled up inside a vintage bottle found on the beach of Dead Horse Bay, Brooklyn.

The packaging for stories shipped in our UNY collab.

Is that unfair to the other 45 objects we’ve sold as part of SO v2? Well, maybe, but it’s unfair for a cause.

At the moment, three of our auctions are above the magic number: Aquarium Souvenir + Mark Jude Poirier Story is at $66.07, Yellow Bear + Kathryn Davis Story is at $40, and Kangamouse + Chris Adrian Story is at a whopping $102.50.

But the other auctions in our store are still below the target price for a $2,000 finish. Bid now! We’re counting on you, readers.


Rob Walker is the author of Buying In: The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy and Who We Are, and writes the Consumed column for The New York Times Magazine.

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