Intrinsic Appeal

Shown above: ready-to-mail boxes containing the last three objects from the Significant Objects experiment, along with a few odds and ends that didn’t end up being assigned to a writer during the duration of the experiment. There are currently two … Continue reading

Insignificant Object

In the months before we published the 100th story in our Significant Objects experiment, many of you clicked on an author’s name — in the Contributors list, at the right-hand side of this page — and found yourself directed to … Continue reading


Just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for visiting, reading, and spreading the word about Significant Objects. Yesterday we posted our 100th and final (for now) story — one by Jonathan Lethem. We couldn’t be happier with how it’s … Continue reading

Six Word Contest: The Runners-Up

Thanks again to all who participated in our Six-Word Contest in Conjunction with And while I’m at it: Thanks,! We published our winner yesterday: Read (and bid!) here. It was, of course, an excruciating choice. Peruse the 400+ … Continue reading

Six-Word winner: Here it comes

We’ll be posting the SmithMag/Significant Objects Six Word Contest winner momentarily, and publishing the five runners-up tomorrow. There were about 430 submissions, which make for fun reading, here. Once again it was a very tough choice, so big thanks to … Continue reading

Power Outage

If you couldn’t access the Significant Objects website yesterday afternoon/evening, or at other times recently, you weren’t alone. As of yesterday, our web-host had served up nearly 30,000 pages during November, which is more than the combined total of pages … Continue reading

Weekly Project Update

Coming up this week: Objects No. 95 through 100 — 0ur final batch of stories! Including the winner of our Six-Word Contest with, plus Jonathan Lethem, and more. Your last chance to acquire one of the Original 100 Significant … Continue reading

Six-Word Contest: Time’s Almost Up

Around 400 six-word stories about the lighter-that-looks-like-a-small-poolball so far. Pretty fun reading. Deadline is 8 pm Eastern tonight; we’ll pick a winner and publish early next week. Read/enter/do both: here.

Watching watchers

The auction for the BBQ Sauce Jar + (Slate Contest Winner) Matthew J. Wells Story ends today. Right at the moment the bidding is at $54, which is impressive. Interestingly, the S.O. shop account tells me that 26 eBayers are … Continue reading

Weekly Project Update

Aggregate cost of objects, sold so far: $112.02 Aggregate sales, post-Significance: $2,857.22 Coming up this week: If you haven’t already, you will enter our Six Word Contest with SmithMag, and perhaps join the ranks of Significant Objects contributors as a … Continue reading

Six Words, several numbers

Earlier this morning I checked in on the progress of our Six Words Significant Objects contest, in collaboration with SmithMag. In its first 24 hours, the contest has attracted 144 submissions. Josh notes that this works out to a story … Continue reading