Significant Objects Meme (18)

At WIRED SCIENCE, earlier this month, science journalist Jonah Lehrer explained “something important about how the human mind calculates value.” There’s now suggestive evidence that our faith in the authentic — especially when the authenticity is supported by effective marketing … Continue reading

Significant Tweets for Week Ending 2010-08-15

Objects with “no physical use-value” but that serve “cognitive” needs. # How to “upcycle” a book into a planter. # Smithsonian videos of old “animated” books, via Boingboing. # The 15 Most Overrated Contemporary American Writers by … Continue reading

Significant Tweets for Week Ending 2010-08-08

Book Sculpture by Federico Uribe # “Copyright free books summarized w/ Word 2008’s AutoSummarize 10-sentence function.”: # 1940’s Seaman’s Savings Bank. So cool. I’d love to read a story about it! # S.O. contributor Michael Atkinson 8/13 … Continue reading

Significant Objects Meme (15)

Ton Zwerver’s “Everyday Sculptures” only exist for a moment “as they are photographed and changed again and again. Everyday one or more sculptures are made out found objects that come across his path.” Fifteenth in an occasional series.