Another Radium-Age SF story contest!

In January, I announced a micro-fiction contest over at, an intellectual/literary website that I edit with Matthew Battles. We recently appointed Patrick Cates the site’s Magister Ludi (Master of Games), and yesterday Mr. Cates announced a second micro-fiction contest. … Continue reading

Significant Objection

I’m a big fan of BBC Radio’s A History of the World In 100 Objects series, so I am supremely disappointed and irked that my attempt to join in the series’ interactive Web feature invitation to “add your object” to … Continue reading

Significant Objects Meme (4)

Obsessive Consumption: What Did you Buy Today? (Princeton Architectural Press, 2010), by Kate Bingaman-Burt, represents a selection of three years’ worth of the author’s annotated drawings of her purchases — including wedding bands, beer, a dog, and, of course, drawing … Continue reading

Top 25 sales, Vols 1 & 2

Our data analysis to date has focused largely on Volume 1. But for fun, here’s an integrated top 25: The highest prices from the 150 (!) Significant Objects auctions that have closed to date. Questions? Comments? Let us know.