Here comes v3!

Significant Objects v3 gets underway in a matter of hours, and we’re really excited. Proceeds from this cycle of 50 stories, objects, and auctions will benefit Girls Write Now, which mentors under-served or at-risk high school girls in New York … Continue reading

Gearing up for v3

We’ll start publishing Significant Objects v3 stories on Monday, and we’re excited about the strong lineup of writers and the Significance they’ve invented. Usually we don’t announce in advance which writer will be published on which day, but there’s a … Continue reading

Hot vs. Cool

In Marshall McLuhan’s pioneering 1964 study, Understanding Media, the Canadian philosopher, literary critic, and communication theorist argued that “hot” media don’t require much work on our part when it comes to determining meaning; “cool” media, however, require us to participate … Continue reading

Significant Ads: The Halston Mug

So far in discussing the creations of Art Novak’s advertising students at the Savannah College of Art Design, who devised Significant Ads for select Significant Objects as a scholarly exercise, I’ve highlighted online Flash-based inventions. But many of the students … Continue reading

Ads for Significant Objects

Many observers have drawn comparisons between this project and the commercial persuasion business — after all, aren’t ad pros hired precisely to invent significance for stuff, just as our contributors do? (For some examples, see this comment on BoingBoing (and … Continue reading


We’re off duty today, thinking about our favorite presidents of all time, and watching the action in our shop. Speaking of which, the first auction in our collaboration with Underwater New York, Kangamouse + Chris Adrian Story, finished up at … Continue reading